The founders of Agent Formula got into the real estate business in the Las Vegas metropolitan area with a mission to build a dynamic business that would continue to grow and prosper. This was accomplished by building long term effective partnerships with clients, agents and suppliers. Fast forwarding to today, Agent Formula has developed a website for realtors® that is the only City Centric Website on the market for Las Vegas real estate agents that will help them build their own dynamic business with long lasting-relationship building-blocks. The website works and it is inexpensive and dynamic.

This website product is indicative of the quality of service and marketing that the founders provided to each and every one of their clients throughout the years. The goal is to provide agents with mentoring processes, specialized training and going the extra mile when/as needed to ensure that the agents have the tools to build and sustain a profitable real estate business.


Agent Formula leveraged an extensive network of vendors & contacts to provide comprehensive services that are geared towards saving the agents time and money. Technology does not stand still. It is difficult for the agents to pick and choose which technology to utilize and also difficult to keep up with the changes and new products.

Other website companies talk about lead generation – the focus of Agent Formula is to capture consumers with education and content and videos and market blogs that keep them coming back.

The model has generated a tremendous amount of consumer confidence for the agents who utilize the tools available. Past clients refer their agents – especially if their agents are on top of their game. Today that means that the agents communicate and keep their past clients informed about the ever changing city that we live in. The agent’s site auto-magically blogs for them and then sends that informative blog to their new prospects- soon to be clients – and their past clients.

Before the website company was launched the founders marketing efforts got their real estate business featured on the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, a cover article in the USA Today, local broadcast TV on CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates, the CBS Early Show and in print via the Las Vegas Sun and Review Journal, the national Chinese Daily News, a wide number of Blogs and Newsletters and numerous secondary articles in national publications. Positioning in the market is the key.


Agent Formula has immersed its business in technology when/where possible in order to make sure it can get timely information out to clients in today’s 24/7/365 world and Agent Formula is constantly looking for new ways to help the agents leverage technology to enhance their productivity and customer service.

Agent Formula integrates web based communications into all of the marketing processes when and where feasible. The website is one of the most content rich web sites in the country with extensive amounts of information geared towards informing current and potential clients about our local community.

The wide array of technology components includes Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The MLS access includes investment information, and Google Maps to locate amenities close by to any home.


Agent Formula is an active participant in a number of Las Vegas charities and non-profit organizations and is aligned with philanthropic goals of our parent corporation. We don’t just talk the talk when it comes to being involved with charitable events that our parent corporation has aligned itself with; one of our two founders is on the Las Vegas BOD for the local chapter of the children’s miracle network and our other co-founder is a member for the Sentinels for Freedom, an organization focused on helping our returning veterans transition back into their local community with a job that is meaningful and commensurate with their career goals.

Many of the agent/partners are involved with numerous charities in the greater Las Vegas area and a number of them are very actively involved in ensuring the local Las Vegas Susan G. Komen race for cure event is a tremendous success!


Agent Formula considers marketing to be a core competency for the company not only for outreach marketing via the marketing advantage(tm) services on behalf of the agents websites but via proprietary lead generation marketing system for agents/partners. And, it doesn’t stop with sophisticated marketing programs that couples with a back end system that enables agents to pinpoint the effectiveness of the marketing, enabling aggressive promotion of the market and listings via marketing processes that generate immediate results.

The Marketing Advantage(tm) Services are sophisticated and quite extensive. While many Las Vegas real estate firms take a one size fits all approach to marketing, Agent Formula has developed specific powerful web site systematic marketing plans that blend traditional and social media and online marketing in unique ways – each marketing campaign blends standards and elements and that are tailored to specific types of consumers.